28 Haziran 2015

Pi ARTWORKS London - John Henry NEWTON, Laura REEVES, Himali Singh SOIN - An Avalanche of Subtlety

 John Henry NEWTON, Laura REEVES, Himali Singh SOIN

An Avalanche of Subtlety

Curated by Adrienne Groen

July 10 - August 8, 2015

press release

Pi Artworks is pleased to announce the first exhibition of its summer programme.
An Avalanche of Subtlety presents a discussion with thirty-two boxes, each containing objects
meticulously ordered by an unknown collector, that have been repossessed by the artists
to create a new history. 

A box is a space like a house: it has a floor (the base), four walls, and a ceiling (the lid). In similar ways, a box
protects and keeps something safe, hiding what is inside from light, from warmth, from cold – from sight.
Like a house, or a room, a box can be opened or closed: revealing or concealing its contents. The content can be
something or it can be nothing; whether this space is empty or full, it can tell a story. The story could be about the
nature of the space or the content, or about the meaning – old or new. Whether the content is or isn’t there, it won’t
affect its container: a box is still a box with or without it. Packing boxes is not as uncontrolled an action as it may
seem. Moving an object from outside to the inside of a confinement constructed from cardboard is controlled by the
decisions of the person, the packer, but the box has equally a similar power. Its dimensions determine the
maximum size of an object, how the object is placed inside the box, and how many of a kind. Packing, then,
involves both person and box, a mutual relation between the two that is often unacknowledged. The act of opening
boxes to see what is hidden or stored inside could be seen as opening up windows or a door of a house. This way,
a box as a window opens up to different segments of time or of one’s history (an object as well as a person).


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