8 Ekim 2014

Pi ARTWORKS London – SUSAN HEFUNA – Cairotraces

Susan Hefuna, Building Series, 2014, bronze, black patina, dimensions variable



14 October – 22 November 2014

Private View:
13 October 2014, 17:30 – 21:00

press release

Pi Artworks London is pleased to announce Susan Hefuna’s third solo exhibition with the gallery
and her first at our London venue. Cairotraces features a new series of her highly regarded works
on paper as well as a newly commissioned palm wood installation.

At the core of Hefuna’s practice is her fascination with the networks and structures of connection
that inhabit public spaces and become the framework for peoples’ interactions with each other.
She is particularly interested in how these networks become visible through and influenced by
architectural models and city planning. For Hefuna, these public spaces, particularly urban centres,
are the intersection of politics, architecture, and history and they shape the formation of different social
identities. This interest stems from the artists’ duel German - Egyptian heritage, which has allowed her
to observe the towns and cities of two cultures that are simultaneously foreign and familiar to her as
well as her nomadic existence as an artist who immerses herself
in the life of the various countries she exhibits in.

Susan Hefuna, Cairotrace, 2014, watercolor on paper, 43 x 35 cm

Susan Hefuna, Building, 2014, ink on tracing paper, 48 x 61 cm

Susan Hefuna, Cairotrace, 2014, watercolour on paper, 43 x 35 cm

Susan Hefuna, Building, 2014, bronze, black patina, 24 x 17 x 3 cm

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