30 Mart 2014

Pi ARTWORKS London – HORASAN – When The Time Comes


Horasan. (Detail) 1946, 2013/2014, oil on canvas, 200 x 170 cm.


When the Time Comes

07.04.’14 – 28.05.’14

press release

One of Turkey’s seminal multidisciplinary artists, Horasan presents
a series of new paintings alongside photography, collage and video work.
When The Time Comes, at Pi Artworks London from 7 April – 17 May 2014,
will focus on the toll of time, man’s quest for immortality and the defiance of the human spirit
 in the face of the ravages of age.

Time take its toll.
 It has the power to transform, to create and to destroy, and we, as humans, evolve with it.
 For Horasan, the aging process is a haunting reminder of our precarious position in this world,
and the fact that we have no staying power.
He argues that the elderly have no place in today’s consumer-driven society.
We are obsessed with youth and beauty, as evidenced with our increasing dependence on
plastic surgery and the promise of age-defying cosmetics, an act of defiance in the face of nature. 
However, time is more powerful, and a great leveller, eventually rendering us all equals
– indistinguishable in gender, we appear sexless.


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