28 Kasım 2014

Pi ARTWORKS LONDON – MARIA FRIBERG – Communicate Over Vast Distances

Days of Eyes 2, 2014, pigment print on acid free paper, wooden frame, 63 x 175 cm


Communicate Over Vast Distances

5 December 2014 – 31 January 2015

press release

Pi Artworks London is pleased to announce Maria Friberg’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.
Friberg belongs to a generation of Scandinavian artists who rose to fame in the 90’s that are often
referred to as the Nordic Miracle, a name coined in the late 90’s after a seminal survey exhibition at
the Musee d’art Moderne, Paris. For Communicate over vast distances, Pi Artworks has curated a
selection of both new and older photographic and video works that will give a comprehensive overview
of the artists’ practice as well as underscore some of the broader themes that run through her work.

Maria Friberg creates pristinely composed photographic and video tableaus that capture individuals
and small groups in inert, meditative states. These supine figures are engaged in distinctively passive
and introverted actions, such as concentrating on their handheld technology, listening to music, asleep
prone on a bed, or simply reclining in what appears to be a state of extreme apathy. Their blank,
expressionless faces prevent the viewer from reading their emotions. Each figure lacks any visible
physical or emotional interconnectedness with anyone else while simultaneously appearing completely
at ease with his or her surroundings.


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