3 Temmuz 2014

Pi ARTWORKS Istanbul - Summer Show – Yaz Gösterisi

Ümmühan Yörük

Nancy  ATAKAN,  Osman  DİNÇ,


Nejat  SATI,  Ümmühan  YÖRÜK

4 July/Temmuz - 12 September/Eylül 2014

press  release

Summer Show brings together new works by five Pi Artworks artists
Nancy Atakan, Osman Dinç, Horasan, Nejat Satı and Ümmühan Yörük.

Nancy Atakan’s Scarves is a series of European styled silk headscarves
which were first manufactured in Turkey in the 1930’s that contain drawings of
old photographs showing female members of Atakan’s family wearing headscarves.
Reflections of re-construction is a series of side-view minibus mirrors with images of
‘Old’ Istanbul going through an extensive architectural transformation transposed on them.

Osman Dinç’s new minimalist iron sculptures bring many
figural issues to the fore – gravity, balance, suitability and durability of material.

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