24 Mayıs 2014

X-IST Sanat Galerisi – COLLECTED NORTH – Helsinki School of Photography in Istanbul

Anni Leppälä, "Mirror Painting" 
2013, Pigment print, framed, 7 editions (+2AP), 30,5 x 41,3 cm



 Saana WANG 




Helsinki School of Photography in Istanbul

Küratör / Curator:

Timothy PERSONS 

29 Mayıs/May – 6 Eylül/September 2014

press release


photographs from the Helsinki School.

There are many special moments one encounters in the course of life.
Istanbul, New Years Eve 2013 was one of those, for me.
 It was a place of wonder and myth, misconception and history.
 In other words a kaleidoscope of cultures and scents,
 radiating with a vitality I hadn’t expected.

This exhibition of works from the Helsinki School
was chosen to introduce a sensibility
that grows out of the Nordic traditions.

Galeri  X-IST

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