28 Temmuz 2013

Galeri MANA̅ - SARKIS – ikiz // twin



10 – 24 Eylül / September, 2013
açılış: 10 Eylül, 17:00 - 20:00

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Sarkis'in Galeri Manâ'daki Ikiz / Twin adlı sergisi 10-24 Eylül 2013 tarihleri arasında yeni bir müdahaleye ev sahipliği yapacak. Sarkis'in Ikiz / Twin sergisinde yarattığı ikilikler evreninin ortasina beklenen veya beklenmeyen bir uydu gibi yerleşiyor Gökkuşak.

press release


Galeri Manâ is pleased to announce that Sarkis’ solo exhibition İkiz / Twin will be re-opening with a new intervention between the dates 10-24 September 2013. The new installation Rainbow settles into the universe of dualities created by Sarkis in İkiz / Twin, in the manner of a satellite that may or may not be expected.

In İkiz / Twin, copper surfaces with their reflective and transmissive properties take the central stage in a setting where each floor of the gallery space acts as an original twin to the other. The twins are endowed with minor distortions expressed in the time lapse and spatial divide between the two floors, and also in the substance and the form of each work. Each object is encountered twice but both are of essence, referring to the founding dualisms of the human experience and conception of the universe. This duality is transcended only by the sound element of the exhibition. A musical score fills the entire space; also connecting the exhibition to Sarkis’ Ballads installation at the former shipyard in Rotterdam, the distant, ringing sound of bells conveys the song of two whales in dialogue as Sarkis engages in his own conversation with John Cage.

Galeri MANA̅

Kemankeş Mahallesi, Ali Paşa Değirmeni Sokak, no. 16 – 18

34425 Beyoğlu, İstanbul, Turkey

Tel.: +90 212 243 6666

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