7 Haziran 2013

Galeri ARTist Çukurcuma – ELAINE PAWLOWICZ – Cosmos Series 2013

"Duralit Üzerine yağlı boya 20x20 CM"


Cosmos Series 2013

13 Haziran/June - 4 Temmuz/July  2013

Açılış Kokteyli / Opening Coctail: 

13.06.2013 Perş. / Thurs. Saat / Time:18:00-20:00

press release

The style of my painting is magical realism where the space is flat with an idiosyncratic perspective. I am consciously developing my aesthetics within the tradition of the Chicago Imagists, Modernism, landscape painting, graphic arts, and Surrealism.  I am searching for new ways to tell my stories by experimenting with composition, scale, and repetition. I am interested in the peculiar qualities found in the mundane. The objects I choose to paint are both heroic and pathetic. I extract an “anima” locked within the ordinary that describe a part of our past, current, and future human spirit.

The Cosmos series has been an ongoing project for the past 5 years and are each radial in design. This group of paintings was inspired by a recent artist residency in rural Portugal. Each painting utilizes graphic, sci-fi images of geology, outer space, and the ocean floor along with suburbia images to describe human vulnerability and spiritual redemption. I am interested in how the global human spirit can survive terrible natural and psychological disasters and still find the will to move forward. The dark premise for each painting is reconciled with images symbolizing hope. I can arrange each canvas like musical notes into a grander composition revealing many layers of meanings. I inject a humorous, subversive edge into my paintings to provide contrast, and relief from a solemn premise.

Galeri ARTist Çukurcuma

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