31 Mart 2013

Galeri ARTist Çukurcuma – ADELAIDE di NUNZIO – Goddesses and Gods


Goddesses and Gods  

a  photography exhibition

Sat. April 6 – Fri. April 26, 2013

Opening Coctail: Sat., April 6, 18:00-20:00 pm

press release

The ” Goddesses and Gods  ” wants to tell about the male and female archetypes of mythology that have always been present over time in such a way as to be contemporary.
Modern men and women who play women and men of the past; beings, icons, symbol of strength and fragility. The pictures recount a path  to representing divinity .
  The god and goddess, in the photographs, are not represented when expressing their splendor, but in their weakness,  in their humanity.
For example,  Apollo is represented in the moment of betrayal by his wife Coronnis, while he is full of anger and jealousy, The Centaur as a modern soldier wearing a suit and a tie as the norms impose. Venus looks beautiful, but suffering for the experienced loves, goddess Juno appears in her jealousy, and the Sybil of Cuma is depicted when the nature  covers her because of her forgetfulness. The goddess had asked Zeus for eternal life but not for eternal beauty  , so she was destined to disappear.
  The images follow each other in a general framework of human feelings that in mythology also belonged to  gods, in fact they were expressed in a stronger way often becoming the cause of disasters and revenge. Perfection is not conceived as purity, but as the fullness of human feelings that exist and are not judged by the moral discipline but rather considered as the quality which identifies  the god,  his character and his personality
  For example Dionysius, who is carried away by love  and loves , creates wine as an instrument of power which produces intoxication but also loss of consciousness.
  The most powerful was the goddess Ananke, the goddess of Necessity, from whom even Zeus could not escape. Eternal weakness puts human beings in a timeless place where there is no “divine perfection,” but only human perfection that alternates between beauty and horror. There is no concept of good or evil, there is the concept of strength and loss of self, power and obedience.The world today is reflected in mythology, the divine is weak as  the man is. Jupiter swallows the world into his womb, but he is captured by a gold network  made ​​by 100 knots, betrayed by the other gods that  want to dethrone him,  finally he will be able to save himself. The nymph Daphne prefers to turn into a tree to escape rape by Apollo, Diana is surprised in the forest, and Pandora expresses her curiosity that will bring pain to the world. The” Graces”  bewitch us, the goddess         Hecate appears in the forks, while being faced with a choice between darkness and light. Often photographed subjects are the protagonists of particular realities as in the case of the ” Graces”: they are Ethiopian women that  work in a circus company in Addis Ababa, or as “the Centaur”, a man who is a web programmer for various companies in Milan. Images through timeless icons, which lose their roots in history, religion, culture, investigating the various aspects and the elusive complexity of the inner world of the human being Subjects which, in a more or less clear way, cross the lives of all people, without any distinction, as apparently it may seem, between women and men. Divinities are a”penetrometric” journey, where  the depth of the soul is sounded out. A synthetic suggestion of a complex universal immense idea: soul. It is never surreal or invisible, but simply intimate alcove where  inner deep weird  poetic and mystical thoughts whirl.

 Galeri  ARTist  Çukurcuma

Ağa Külhanı Sokak, No: 10/A Çukurcuma / İstanbul

Tel.: +90 212 251 91 63

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